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Colt earns MXB title!

Colt turned a great weekend into a fantastic weekend with a Double/Double by earning Double Q #14 and #15. Today he was 1st in STD and JWW!!! He also earned his MXB title.

1 2 3 Lucy CDX!

She was the only survivor at the Raleigh obedience trial. It was a extremely difficult show environment. See the blow dryers and all breed show going on in the back. I am very proud of Lucy! We trained only 8 weeks for this. This title also makes her eligible for the BSCA WDX award!

Lucy Q 1st leg Open A Obedience

So proud of my Lucy! She got her first qualifying leg in Open A obedience. Her score was 195.5, 1st place, only qualifier out of 4 dogs. Poor thing, she had to do the unsupervised sit and down exercise all by herself.

FastCat……….It’s all a blur! Fuji Jack Rosie

Fun weekend. Rosie and Fuji both got two Qs in CAT yesterday and two Qs in Fastcat. Jack joined us and also got twoQs for his very first time on a coursing field. He was a super boy! Judging from AKC Fuji will soon be # 2 fastest Belgian running at 23.67 MPH! Fearless……and did […]

Colt rocks agility with QQ # 12!

It’s March Madness so Team Colt went to Charlotte ready to play AKC agility. On Saturday, we scored a slam dunk by qualifying and placing 1st in both classes and earning QQ #12. On Sunday it was a 3 pointer, we qualified in both premiere classes and JWW also all with 1st place.

Trekkie USDAA 5 Qs in Starter!

The USDAA judge this weekend used to own Tervs. He was very impressed with the Trekkster. The boy got 5 Qs and two new titles in Starters. Kudos to Oma Marion and Lucy and Ackley!