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Rosie earns CAA and TKN!

Rosie likes to stay slim and trim! She raced to her new title CAA! She also can do tricks and earned her Trick Novice title!

Colt scored a triple double, 6 classes 6 Qs

WOW what a weekend!!! Colt finished our 2017 agility season with a bang. He scored a triple double by qualifying in all six Masters STD/JWW classes. Sunday’s classes were especially difficult with only 2 out 20 dogs qualifying in STD and 3 out 20 dogs qualifying in JWW. Colt finished the year with 8 double […]

Lucy’s new Titles DN and RAT

Last weekend at the Belgian Beach Blast in Newport, NC Lucy was a brave girl and finished her Novice title in Dock Diving DN. The first day she was a bit spooked off by the reflection of the pool. She is used to a pond or ocean water. So the next day I had only […]

Roxy’s new titles CA and RAT

Last Weekend at the Belgian Beach Blast Roxy found her passion for speed. She looked at some dogs running ahead of her and understood the game right away. She ran 5 times 600 yds in 3 days and earned her Novice Lure Coursing title CA.She never has seen or smelled a rat. We tried Barnhunt […]

Trekkie USDAA titles SG and SJ

Trekkie had a good 2nd weekend playing USDAA agility. He got his first two titles in Jumpers and Gamblers. Now, if we could just remember our down contacts on the Dog Walk…back to drills!

Colt earns his MXJ title!

Colt had a fantastic weekend at the AGRC agility trial earning his MXJ title. He qualified in 5 out of 8 classes, received three 2nd place ribbons, and his first Q’s in Premire Standard and Premier JWW.