Colt rocks Obedience

I would like to thank the Cape Fear Dog Training Club and the judges Kathy Griner and Leslye Pinnell for the amazing obedience trial today. Team Colt was in 3 runoffs winning all 3! We started the day in Open B winning runoff #1 for 1st place and 4 OTCH points. Then in Utility B, winning our second runoff, for 3rd place with 1 more OTCH point. That also gave us High Combined Score!!! We had to wait around for all the regular classes to finish and a nice working Belgian Malinois in novice B scored the same as Colt so one more runoff we won for High In Trial!!!!!

Sunday update: NQ’d in Utility and in a 3 way runoff for 2nd place in Open B. We ended up in 3rd place but still got 1 more OTCH point for that. YAY!!!