Trekkie and Starbuck at NADAC Agility Trial

Trekkie and Starbuck had a great time this weekend at one of the few NADAC trials in the area, a fund-raiser for Toys for Tots.

This venue requires different skills-courses are much faster and SCTs are lower, so it can be a challenge for even a speedy dog to make time. Plus the distance challenges are much harder than AKC and CPE. And…they use barrels and hoops. Which are easier to back-“jump,” as we found out.

Yesterday, Trekkie earned his Open title in Regular (Standard) and his Novice in Chances (distance challenge) as well as Weavers, which, yes, you guessed it, has lots of weaves.

This was Starbuck’s first time trialing outside of her usual venue and on grass and in the sun! She and Trekkie Q’d in Tunnelers today, and Trekkie got another leg in Touch-in-Go, which is a contacts challenge.