Blackforest’s® Ariston RE CD HTAD-1d CANT


Born: April 6, 2013


Owner: Lisette Peeters Weem


Hips: BSD-4256G31M-VPI – Good

Elbows: BSD-EL1921M31-VPI Normal

Eyes: normal – Exam was performed by a certified ophthalmologist but not submitted to OFA.

BEAR: Significant loss of hearing at age 3 1/2.

Cryporchid – neutered


2013 Lewis passed the French Herding Test which is also a temperament test.

Lewis started 2016 with Rally and Obedience. He earned his RA title and CD title. He also does a great job in herding and earned his AHBA HTAD-1d on ducks.

Lewis is an excellent truffle hunter (see video).

Lewis LOVES being a truffle dog…

How do I know? Well, today we went to one of our favorite truffle patches. He was doing well and finding a lot, but it was getting late and it was time to go. As we started making our way back toward the car he caught on to the fact that we were leaving and he decided that he didn’t want to leave yet. He kept finding truffles, but every time I got close enough to give him a treat he would run off to the next truffle (without waiting for his reward). He was running from truffle to truffle without getting rewarded. He must have found 10-15 of them in just a few minutes! I finally tricked him by opening the car door and getting in. That always works with him. He loves his truffle job, but apparently he loves me more.