Blackforest® Belgians

The girls below are living in our family. Lucy (*2010), bred by Lorra Miller, is our foundation bitch and the dam of the A and B litters. If you click on her image you can explore her offspring. Lilly (*2013) from the A litter is living with my daughter. We kept Roxy (*2014) from the B litter and she lives with us and is the dam of the D-litter. Our new addition is Kiera (*2022) from the F litter.

Pando is a male, bred by Lorra Miller. I co-own him with Sonya Cohen who is the primary owner. Pando is the stud of the E and F litter and is available for stud service to approved females.

Lucy and Roxy are age related retired from our breeding program. Kiera is very promising and may be bred in the future.

We will not have a litter in 2023/24. Please consult the breeder directory of the Belgian Sheepdog Club of America to find a reputable breeder or contact Belgian Sheepdog Rescue Trust.