Born: April 6, 2013


Owner: Karen Bilgrai Cohen and Marion Stark

Rosie on Facebook Rosie Cohen -Blackforest’s Aurora


Hips: BSD-4241E28F-VPI – Excellent

Elbows: BSD-EL1910F28-VPI – Normal

Eyes: BSD-EYE310/34F-VPI – Normal, Persistent Pupillary Membranes – Iris to Iris

CHIC: 111787

DNA Profile: V765716

Color Coat DNA: KB/KY

Embark DNA:

  • Blackforest’s Aurora did not test positive for any of the genetic diseases that Embark screens for.
  • Blackforest’s Aurora is not a carrier for any of the genetic diseases that Embark tests for.


  • 2014 Rosie passed the French Herding Test.
  • Rosie had a great wekend at the Vallejo shows 3/25 – 26/2016. The first day she earned WB BOW and BOB. On the second day she went BOB again, earning her first 3 point major toward her championship. She got her second major in April and finished her Champion with a triple win! Winners, BOW, BOS over specials for a 5 pt major in July, 2016.
  • Rosie also works with sheep and is working towards her CD in obedience.

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