C-ATCH Blackforest’s® Aethon Memory Alpha AX, MXJ, MXF, T2B, RAE, RM, HSAs, DJ, CGCA BCAT OAC, TN-O, NCC, NJC, WV-N, XBR-N AJ, AD, SSA, SG, SS HRD-3s, HTAD-1s BSCA Awards WD-C JMD


Born: April 4, 2013


Owner: Edrie Greer and Marion Stark


Hips: BSD-4231G26M-VPI – Good

Elbows: BSD-EL1902M26-VPI – Normal

Eyes: pending


Cryptochid – neutered


2016 Blackforest’s Aethon Memory Alpha, aka “Trekkie,” has had a busy year, earning all the Open titles in AKC agility, including  the OAJ, OA, and OF titles.  He also received his first herding title, the AHBA HTAD-1, as well as additional agility titles in CPE, the CL3-R, H agility titles, and two NADAC agility titles, including his NAC and NJC. He has one leg on his PT in AKC herding, and continues agility work in AKC, CPE and NADAC. He also earned his first 2 titles in NADD dock diving.

2017 Trekk earned his CPE C-ATCH Champion title.

2020 Trekk earned his Rally Master title.