C-ATCH4 Blackforest’s® Battlestar Gal ChWC ChSN ChCL ChJP ChFH ChJU ChST C-SWE TN-N CGC


Born: August 26, 2014


Owner: Charles Menn, Edrie Greer & Marion Stark


Hips:    BSD-4444E38F-VPI Excellent

Ellbows: BSD-EL2097F38-VPI Normal

Eyes: BSD-EYE460/36F-PI

CHIC: 125538

Embark DNA test: Coat color Kb/Ky – heterozygous black.

  • Blackforest’s Battlestar Gal did not test positive for any of the genetic diseases that Embark screens for.
  • Blackforest’s Battlestar Gal is not a carrier for any of the genetic diseases that Embark tests for.


March 12, 2015 Starbuck had an exciting debut in CPE Level 2. She had several Qs in Standard, Jumpers and Full House and enjoyed herself.In a recent CPE trial weekend Starbuck went 10/10. She shows much promise!

2017 Starbuck started her show career. At the BSCA Nationals she placed 4th in the competitive Bred By Exhibitor group under breeder judge Sharon Redmer. This was only her second time in the conformation show ring.

2023 qualified and competed at CPE Nationals