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Trekkie USDAA 5 Qs in Starter!

The USDAA judge this weekend used to own Tervs. He was very impressed with the Trekkster. The boy got 5 Qs and two new titles in Starters. Kudos to Oma Marion and Lucy and Ackley!

Colt earns Agility QQ # 11!

Fantastic weekend for Colt at the agility trails in Clemson. He qualified in 5 out of the 6 classes and picked up two more double Q’s toward a championship. He also placed in the five classes with one 4th, two 3rd, and two 2nd places. I am so proud of this boy and his hard […]

Colt scoops in another QQ

Colt really worked hard today to wind up a fantastic agility weekend. Second place today in Standard and JWW class to earn double Q number 9 and now has a total of 583 MACH points.

Trekkie – New Title HRD-1S Ranch Course

Trekkie earned a new herding title this weekend! HRD-1s (Ranch course in the American Herding Breed Association.) Also a First Place in his class. One lunatic new sheep, who should have been named Spooky, gave him a tough time. But with his good impulse control and Claire’s patient handling, he got through it and qualified. […]

Colt earned 2 UDX legs

Colt had a very nice 2018 start to his OpenB/UtilityB obedience career this weekend at the Clemson Kennel Club show. We qualified in all four classes to earn 2 UDX legs and two 4th place in Open B.