Trekkie and Starbuck at CPE Nationals 2023!

What an experience! Hubby Charles and the Trekkie, Starbuck and I are back from CPE Nationals in Perry, GA. It was our first national, all-breed agility trial (almost 500 dogs) and Trekk and Starbuck exceeded our expectations! (Actually, we humans exceeded our expectations, too.)
We met a lot of wonderful dogs and their fantastic handlers. The courses weren’t the easiest (I’m thinking of that 4% Q rate in Jackpot-akin to AKC Fast), but they were fun.
Between them, the dogs went 12/18, placed 3 times, and Trekkie earned a Reserve High in STANDARD(!) Regular for 20”. Not bad for a 10 year-old boy and his “senior” handler!
It was an intense competition that brought out our best. And isn’t that what trialing with our beloved canine companions is all about?